The Nomination Committee adjusts the proposal to the board of directors of Nyfosa

The Nomination Committee of Nyfosa AB has resolved to adjust its proposals regarding the number of directors of the board and the composition of the board of Nyfosa by proposing that the board is increased by one member to a total of seven directors and that Maria Björklund is elected as new board member.

Consequently, the Nomination Committee’s adjusted proposal entails that Jens Engwall, Per Lindblad, David Mindus, Marie Bucht Toresäter and Claes Magnus Åkesson are re-elected as directors of the board and that Maria Björklund and Ulrika Danielsson are elected as new directors of the board. David Mindus is proposed as chairman.

Maria Björklund has extensive experience in asset management, in particular investments in the property sector and infrastructure. She also has experience from private equity and fixed income management of Swedish bonds. Björklund (born 1970) holds an MSc in Business and Economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. Since 2018, she has worked at the Third Swedish National Pension Fund in the alternative investments group and since 2021 as head of the group (note, however, that Björklund has chosen to terminate her position and will leave the Third Swedish National Pension Fund in July 2024). She is a board member of Hemsö Fastighets AB, Hemsö Intressenter AB, Trophi Fastighets AB (publ), Trenum AB (publ), Fastighets AB Regio, Polhem Infra AB and chairman of the board of 4 to 1 Investments AB. She has previously worked as a portfolio manager at Postens Pensionsstiftelse real estate, infrastructure and private equity (1998-2015) and AMF alternative investments, alternative fixed income (2015-2017). She holds no shares in Nyfosa. Maria Björklund is independent in relation to the company, the group management and the company's major shareholders.

The Nomination Committee's proposals to the Annual General Meeting remain otherwise unchanged.

Nyfosa’s annual general meeting of 2024 will be held in Stockholm on April 23, 2024.

For more information, please contact:
Johannes Wingborg, chairman of the nomination committee, tel +46 73 964 07 03