Nyfosa in Finland

Nyfosa has entered the Finnish market to build up a diversified property portfolio with a long-term perspective in the Finnish property market, in partnership with Brunswick Real Estate. Business is evaluated and carried out by Nyfosa from its Stockholm office and in Finland by Brunswick Real Estate’s organization.


An opportunistic property company does not exist in Finland, and Nyfosa believes that there are attractive business opportunities. Our objective is to build up a property portfolio with a value of about SEK 7 billion within five years. Our acquisition focus will be broad and in line with Nyfosa’s operations in the Swedish market. It includes all asset classes except residential properties, and be concentrated on Finnish regional towns and cities.

Brunswick Real Estate, which has served the Finnish market since 2006, is leading operational activities relating to transactions, property management and sustainability under a management agreement.

Property portfolio in Finland

As of March 31, 2023, Nyfosa owns properties in Finland a at a value of about SEK 8.2 billion.

For questions regarding NYFOSA IN FINLAND, please contact


Hanna Rauhala

Partner & Country Head
+358 400 297 312