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Nyfosa’s property portfolio is divided into the categories of Offices, Logistics/Warehouse and Other. The properties are well diversified geographically and are mainly located in highgrowth municipalities and transportation hubs in Sweden.

As per 30 June 2019, the property portfolio comprised 183 properties with a total property value of SEK 15.7 billion and a rental value of SEK 1,424 million with a leasable area of 1,600 thousand sqm. Nyfosa believes that the property portfolio in general maintains high quality, but several properties have potential for improvement.

In the future, the share of properties with such improvement potential may vary due to transactions and investments made in the property portfolio. Excluding the share of properties with improvement potential in the current portfolio as per 30 June 2019, Nyfosa views the work on developing and adding value to the property portfolio as an important part of its operations and strategy for achieving the company’s objectives.

In addition to Nyfosa’s wholly owned property portfolio, the Company owns 50 percent of the property company Söderport as per 30 June 2019, read more in the section Söderport.


Nyfosa had as per 30 June 2019 office properties for a property value of SEK 7.7 billion, corresponding to 49 percent of Nyfosa’s total property value. Nyfosa’s office properties are mainly situated in Mölndal, Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall and Växjö. Nyfosa believes that its portfolio of office properties maintains high quality in central locations. These properties are typically highly marketable, meaning that interest from other players in acquiring this type of property is generally considerable, particularly among local property owners. Nyfosa also sees solid potential for adding value to the property portfolio and increasing the leasing rate.


Nyfosa had as per 30 June 2019 logistics and warehouse premises for a property value of SEK 5.6 billion, corresponding to 36 percent of Nyfosa’s total property value. The properties are located in towns that are transportation hubs in Sweden, such as Eskilstuna, Landskrona, Stockholm and Borås. Nyfosa’s logistics properties are predominantly modern logistics buildings with a highly flexible range of applications. Modern logistics properties are optimised for logistics operations and the factors distinguishing them from older properties include high ceilings, pillar systems that do not restrict operations and flexible loading docks and cargo ports where the height can be adjusted to accommodate different types of goods vehicles. The warehouse properties have a normal standard for the value year, and the Company sees high potential in adding value to the portfolio of warehouse properties.


Nyfosa’s property portfolio also comprises properties that are not categorised as Offices or Logistics/Warehouse but instead as Other properties. The properties include premises for retail activities, hotel operations and industry in towns such as Värnamo, Uddevalla, Huddinge and Växjö. The property portfolio in the category of Other had as per 30 June 2019 a property value of SEK 2.4 billion, corresponding to 15 percent of Nyfosa’s total property value. The properties in this category are also located in towns where Nyfosa can capitalize on positive population growth.