Value-creating business model

Building stable and sustainable cash flows is the foundation of Nyfosa’s business concept. This is how resilient operations and long-term value are created for the company’s shareholders. New business opportunities are evaluated constantly, regardless of geography or property category.

Nyfosa’s business model is based on taking an active role in the transaction market and continuously evaluating a large number of business opportunities. The property portfolio is managed and developed from the perspective that there is a link between sustainability and profitability.

Nyfosa’s strategy is based on its business concept and comprises six parts, which work together to achieve the company’s targets. Nyfosa’s objective is to be a leading player within the property sector and a responsible partner for tenants and society. By continuing to build on Nyfosa’s strengths and the organization’s experience, the conditions are in place to generate value and growth.

Active in the transaction market
Nyfosa works close to the transaction market to continuously evaluate new business opportunities. The company’s broad local presence is the key to continued profitable business. This creates a solid basis on which to assess the market trend, identify business opportunities at an early stage and make well-founded decisions. Combined with short and swift decision-making paths and well-established processes, this means that a large amount of business opportunities can be evaluated in parallel and transactions completed quickly. Business deals are currently being evaluated in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

With sustainability add value to the portfolio
Nyfosa manages, develops and enhances the property portfolio with the aim to increase the properties’ cash flow and value. Property management is conducted in a professional, profitable and sustainable manner in close cooperation between Nyfosa’s local organization, the central functions, and in close dialogue with tenants, society and other stakeholders.

Act long term and close to the tenants
By being a responsible property owner and a reliable, locally established partner, Nyfosa contributes to building relationships and creating value in the markets where the company operates. A critical part of this involves optimizing opportunities for the tenants by thinking creatively, responding quickly to tenants who have questions and providing personalized service. Nyfosa will have local offices close to the tenants.

Prioritize commercial properties in growth regions
Nyfosa focuses on cash flow and stable returns at limited risk, where the organization can add value through active management. The investment strategy has no restrictions in terms of property category or geographic diversity, but it does have a pronounced priority for commercial properties in high-growth regions in Sweden and Finland. It is here that Nyfosa can leverage favorable trends such as a growing population and the local business community

Attract and develop the best employees
Expertise, business acumen and a contact network is central to realizing Nyfosa’s business concept and targets. The company works actively to be an employer that offers a creative, open and stimulating work environment with a focus on proximity to business decisions, inclusion in business development and personal development for all employees.

Financing primarily through banks
Nyfosa’s principal financing comprises bank loans. Good relationships with creditors are important in establishing a long-term approach and a reduced refinancing risk. A small share of the company’s financing is processed in the capital market. The company works to maintain as effective and profitable a capital structure as possible considering the given risk limits.