Value-creating business model

Building stable and sustainable cash flows has always been at the core of Nyfosa’s business concept. This is how resilient operations and long-term value are created for the company’s shareholders. New business opportunities are evaluated constantly, regardless of geography or property category.

Nyfosa’s business model is based on taking an active role in the transaction market and constantly evaluating a large number of business opportunities. We manage and develop the growing property portfolio from the perspective that there is a link between sustainability and profitability. In this way, we generate growing cash flows and the sustainable development of our operations.



Nyfosa’s long-term strategy for achieving the targets

Nyfosa’s strategy is based on its business concept and comprises five parts, all of which work together to achieve the company’s targets, both financial and sustainable. Nyfosa’s vision is to be the property company in Sweden that is the best at creating value. We believe that taking a long-term and sustainable approach is paramount to realizing our vision.

  • Attract and develop the best employees
  • Active in the transaction market
  • Prioritize commercial properties in high-growth regions
  • With sustainability add value to the portfolio
  • Act long term and close to the tenants