Corporate Governance

Nyfosa is a listed property company, and our corporate governance is based on the Swedish Corporate Governance code – “the Code”. Through good corporate governance and transparency, we create a stable relationship with our shareholders and other stakeholders, at the same time as enhancing trust in the company.

The Code is based on the “comply or explain” approach. This means that a company that applies the Code may choose to deviate from certain rules, but must then describe its alternative solution and explain the reason for the deviation in its annual corporate governance report. Eventual deviations from the Code are reported in the Company’s corporate governance report. The Company deviates from the Code’s independence requirements regarding the composition of the audit committee (see more information under “Board Comittees”). In all other regards the Company does not intend to deviate from the rules of the Code.

As well as the Code, Nyfosa applies its Articles of Association, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rules for Issuers and other rules issued by relevant organisations. Statutory and regulatory requirements lay the foundations for a high level of trust on the part of stakeholders, which is important to us at Nyfosa.