Whistleblower Function

Nyfosa encourages employees, business partners, tenants, suppliers and other external contacts to notify the company if they have identified a serious problem or have serious suspicions of fraud, corruption, harassment or similar irregularities within the Group’s operations. The company’s employees, and also third parties have an important role in giving notice if they suspect something that is contrary to the ethical guidelines. This gives Nyfosa an opportunity to prevent and correct if something has gone wrong.

In the first instance, the whistleblower is asked to turn to his contact person at Nyfosa or his own manager if the whistleblower is an employee. Other notifiers should report directly via the communication channel. To ensure that all suspicions are raised, Nyfosa provides a secure channel for anonymous reporting. The channel is provided by an external operator, WhistleB and is not traceable. Reporting through the anonymous channel is done by submitting a report on the following website, https://report.whistleb.com/nyfosa. The contact person appointed by the company and responsible for investigating whistleblower matters is currently the board member and the chairman of the remuneration committee:
Per Lindblad, e-post: [email protected].

Here you will find more information about the service:

Allegations of irregularities are handled and investigated in accordance with guidelines for the whistleblower service established by Nyfosa at any given time. Nyfosa shall do its utmost to protect the informant’s identity. All communication is confidential unless the notifier clearly wants the opposite. Nyfosa always recommends that the notifier identifies himself and explains his case in detail to facilitate the investigation, but also respects and processes anonymous notifications if the notifier prefers such a procedure.

Nyfosa assures that no discriminatory measures are taken against an employee or third party who reports a case to Nyfosa based on his / her personal knowledge. If a person considers that he or she has been subjected to reprisals, after having reported or participated in an investigation, he / she must immediately report this to the person responsible (who is currently the chair of the audit committee, see above). All such reports will also be investigated in confidence.

“WhistleB offers a third-party whistleblowing service that ensures the whistleblower’s anonymity in communication with the employer. The service is completely disconnected from the employer’s IT system and web services. WhistleB does not store IP addresses or other data that can be connected to the whistleblower. We can therefore not track an anonymous whistleblower. All reports are highly encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. WhistleB cannot decrypt and read reports.” WhistleB