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Towards a 100% sustainable business

Nyfosa's responsibility towards sustainability encompasses society at large as well as our employees and partners. Our work regarding sustainability is based on our ESG strategy and aims to accomplish our vision of a 100% sustainable business.

Nyfosa’s vision is to become the real estate company in Sweden that is best at creating value. We believe it is central to work with a sustainable and long-term approach to reach that goal. To make that goal a reality, we have set a vision for our company regarding sustainability; which is to do business that is 100% sustainable. For us, this means doing business in a way that does not jeopardize the generation of today or any future generation. All work regarding sustainability within Nyfosa is based on the company ESG strategy, which consists of three levels that aim to assist working with sustainability issues. These three levels are composed of a Strategic Green Framework, an Operational Green Framework and our Corporate Governance.


The global sustainability goals are a comprehensive guide to our sustainability work, what we focus on and how we measure our results.

Our operational is based on SGBC’s framework for environmental certification of properties.

We stand behind the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for sustainable enterprise.