Nyfosa offers a creative, open, and stimulating work environment with a focus on inclusion and personal development. The organization is decentralized, with short decision-making paths where employees have an awareness and understanding of the company’s objectives and strategies.

Nyfosa has a wide geographic presence, with properties in both Sweden and Finland. In Sweden, our properties are primarily located in or near major cities in the central and southern regions, as well as in Norrland, with a significant concentration along the E4 highway. In Finland, our properties are strategically situated in key student cities in the southern part of the country. The portfolio is managed by nine regional offices in Sweden and two in Finland, supplemented by local offices where needed. Property management primarily relies on in-house personnel for key functions such as tenant relations, technical management, and leasing, while property operations are entrusted to local suppliers in respective locations. In Finland, operations are overseen by Brunswick, a management organization led by a country manager.

With a team of experienced professionals, renowned service providers, and a structured approach, Nyfosa is equipped to effectively manage a diverse property portfolio across numerous locations.