Agile, creative and market-centric

It’s very easy to describe Nyfosa’s way of working. It is about seeing things in a new light. Changing perspective, discovering opportunities and add value to each investment. In practice, it means that we do the business we believe in, without being confined to a restrictive investment strategy. This enables us to create and develop properties with increasing values and close relationships with our customers.

“We construct sustainable cash flows and increasing value”

Nyfosa is a transaction-based property company that creates value by accumulating sustainable cash flows and continuously evaluating new business opportunities. With our opportunistic strategy, we invest in properties in different geographies and categories. We are currently active in the Swedish and Finnish markets with a focus on commercial properties in high-growth municipalities. We manage and develop our properties in close collaboration with tenants and the neighboring community from the perspective that sustainability and profitability are interlinked. As of September 30, 2021, Nyfosa’s property value amounted to approximately SEK 34.5 billion. Nyfosa’s share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap since 2018.