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Nyfosa is a transaction-based company that continously evaluates new business opportunities, regardless of region or category. Our aim is to build stable cash flows and a sustainable business.

Business concept

With its opportunistic approach and its agile, market-centric and bold organization. Nyfosa will create value by accumulating sustainable cash flows and continuously evaluting new business opportunities.


Nyfosa will be the property company in Sweden that is the best at creating value.

An opportunistic property company

We view Nyfosa as Sweden’s only listed property company with an opportunitic business model without being limited geographically or to be specific categories. Our focus is to create value by accumulating sustainable cash flows and continuously evaluating new business opportunities. The opportunity to make acquisitions that are on the periphery of what other operators are looking gives us the potential to do good business.

As per June 30, 2021, the value of Nyfosa’s property portfolio corresponded to SEK 31.4 billion, with a leasable area of approximately 2,517, thousand sqm and mainly comprised offices in high-growth municipalities as well as logistics and warehouse properties located at transportation hubs across Sweden. In addition to Nyfosa’s wholly owned property portfolio, Nyfosa also owns 50 percent of the shares in the property company Söderport, which on the same date had a property portfolio valued at SEK 12.9 billion. Read more in the section Söderport.