Eying sustainable cash flows

Nyfosa to create value and sustainable cash flows. We will do this with transaction-based operations and an opportunistic approach.

Financial targets

Annual growth in cash flow per share of 10 percent.

Cash flow refers to cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital.

Financial targets

Annual growth in distributable cash flow per share of 10 percent

Outcome 2020:


Financial risk limits

Nyfosa’s financial risk limits do not represent objectives but rather limits, making it natural for Nyfosa to have a certain margin for these.

  • Long term, the equity/assets ratio is to amount to at least 25 percent.
  • The loan-to-value ratio should not exceed 65 percent.
  • The interest-coverage ratio should not fall below a multiple of two.

Equity/assets ratio

At least 25 percent in the long term.

Loan-to-value ratio

Not to exceed 65 percent.

Interest-coverage ratio

Long term at least a multiple of 2.

Sustainability targets


Supplier responsibility
In 2021, Nyfosa will adopt a Code of Conduct for Suppliers and obtain confirmation of the Code of Conduct from the largest suppliers.

Green appendix leases
In 2021, 100 new leases or renegotiated leases will include a green appendix.


Sustainability certification
By 2025, 50 percent of properties owned for the entire year will have sustainability certification and 100 percent by 2030.

Streamlined consumption
By 2025, energy consumption per sqm will have fallen by 10 percent compared with 2020.


Gender equality
In the longer term, Nyfosa is to achieve equality in the property management organization with at least 40 percent of women and men in each professional group.