Our history

Nyfosa has quickly established a dynamic property company that is passionate about business. With an ear to the transaction market and close relationships with our customers, we have established a property portfolio in Sweden and Finland with sustainable cash flows and a value of more than SEK 30 billion.

Formation of Nyfosa

In November 2018, Nyfosa was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The listing marked the beginning of Nyfosa as an independent company after its spin-off from Hemfosa Fastigheter. The goal of the demerger was for the two specialized companies to capitalize on the potential of the entire business. Hemfosa’s portfolio of attractive commercial properties was the property portfolio that was the starting point for Nyfosa’s operations.

Transactions in our DNA

The ambition of the newly-formed Nyfosa led by CEO Jens Engwall was to create a transaction-oriented and opportunistic property company with a small and rapid organization. We quickly established ourselves in our role as the only listed property company focusing on sustainable cash flows and an investment strategy that enables acquisitions in different geographies and categories.


Nyfosa entered Finland together with Brunswick Real Estate and acquired properties in Finnish regional cities for about SEK 2.5 billion. Nyfosa is intensifying its sustainability efforts and setting new sustainability targets. A framework for green financing was established and green hybrid bonds were issued.


Despite a turbulent market due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nyfosa reported positive net leasing for the entire year with a strong cash flow performance per share, which was our new financial target. A number of major transactions were carried out and, in total, properties were acquired for a value of SEK 12.2 billion. Stina Lindh Hök took over as CEO of Nyfosa. At year-end, the property value amounted to SEK 29.4 billion.


In 2019, Nyfosa continued to grow at a rapid pace. Both major portfolio acquisitions and minor transactions were completed, while the organization was supplemented with new expertise for future growth. The year’s largest transaction was a portfolio for a value of about SEK 4.2 billion. At year-end, the property value amounted to SEK 19.6 billion.


Nyfosa was distributed to the shareholders of Hemfosa and the company was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Properties totaling a property value of SEK 3.7 billion were acquired during the year. Our single largest acquisition was a property portfolio for a value of SEK 3.6 billion. At year-end, the property value amounted to SEK 15.6 billion.