We add value to properties and build relationships

There’s always room to improve a good property. Nyfosa’s property management team strives to create value by adding value to our property portfolio, both big and small. The starting point is the potential of each property and the needs of the tenants. Property management is also where a key part of our sustainability efforts takes place and where business opportunities are generated.

Nyfosa’s management works in a structured manner to add value to the existing property portfolio in close collaboration with tenants. By focusing proactively on the properties, we can meet the tenants’ changing needs by finding smart solutions and sustainable investments. Nyfosa’s high acquisition rate makes an effective integration of new properties in the portfolio an important part of the management organization’s work, as is the identification of local business opportunities. Collaboration with the transaction team is close, and many of our small acquisitions originate in the management team’s local contacts. Nyfosa’s property portfolio offers many, exciting development opportunities that we regularly evaluate. The starting point is to assess how we best contribute in the long term to add value for the tenants and increase the value of our property portfolio—through everything from small investments to developing new zoning plans. Optimization of the properties from a sustainability perspective is a central part of the task of property management. We strive to reduce our climate impact and create good environments for our tenants by addressing, for example, energy consumption, material choices and waste management in which sustainability certification and green leases are key tools.

Nyfosa exists throughout the country

Nyfosa has a broad geographic presence in Sweden with properties in approximately 80 municipalities. We have our own property management office—currently nine offices—in key locations with a large property portfolio.