In addition to Nyfosa’s wholly owned property portfolio, the Group holds shares in the property company Söderport.

Söderport is jointly owned with AB Sagax (publ), 50 percent holding each, and ownership is governed by a long-term shareholders’ agreement giving both owners equal power of decision, meaning that neither partner has a controlling influence. Söderport is thus a joint venture and Nyfosa’s share in profit of Söderport is recognised in the company’s profit from property management.

Söderport does not have its own operational organisation. Instead, Sagax performs property management and financial administration on Söderport’s behalf. However, the property management of Söderport’s property portfolio in Gothenburg is performed by Nyfosa.

Nyfosa’s share in Söderport was acquired by Hemfosa already in 2010. Söderport’s property portfolio has historically primarily comprised industrial, warehouse and office properties, representing a suitable supplement to Nyfosa’s wholly owned property portfolio. As per June 30, 2021, Söderport owned  properties with a total property value for Nyfosa of SEK 6.44 billion (a total of SEK 12.9 billion). The focal point of Söderport’s property portfolio is in the Stockholm and Gothenburg regions.