Nyfosa aqcuires properties in Finland for MDSEK 1.4

Nyfosa has acquired commercial properties in the Helsinki region, Tampere and other Finnish regional cities. The acquisition price amounts to MEUR 137, corresponding to approximately MSEK 1,415, with an annual rental value of MEUR 14.5, corresponding to approximately MSEK 150.

The acquisitions, focused on the Helsinki region, include seventeen properties with a total area of 100 thousand square meters and an annual rental value of MEUR 14.5, corresponding to MSEK 150. Most of the properties are located in the capital region, but the portfolio also includes properties located in regional cities such as Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Seinäjoki. The portfolio comprises mainly of light industry and warehouse properties, as well as some big-box retail and offices. A LEED Gold certification is underway for a newly renovated office property in Tampere of approximately 13 thousand square meters. Among the larger tenants are several well-known companies such as Rusta, Motonet, Jysk, Senate Properties and Kesko. The occupancy rate is 91.5 percent and the average remaining contract period amounts to 3.5 years. Closing is planned for end of April 2022.

“These acquisitions contribute with a modern office in central Tampere with a tax-financed tenant as well as a portfolio of light industry and big-box retail in good locations around the Helsinki region. It is a very good complement to our existing portfolio with strong tenants”, comments Stina Lindh Hök, CEO of Nyfosa.