Close to transactions and tenants

Nyfosa’s organization is agile and flexible, has a documented transaction know-how and long experience of assessing risks. Key concepts for our work methods are quickness, simplicity and short decision-making paths. Through transaction efficiency, we can generate a high cash flow and create many development opportunities for our tenants.

Nyfosa has a broad geographic presence with properties in approximately 80 municipalities in Sweden and in four regional cities in Finland. We have our own property management office, currently nine offices, in key locations with a large property portfolio. In addition, we have an external organization that manages the portfolio in the coast of Norrland region. In Finland, property management is run by our partner Brunswick Real Estate.

With many experienced employees in our property management organization and a structured management process, handling properties in many different locations runs smoothly and we have close relationships with our tenants. We have sound knowledge of and a large contact network in many locations where it is represented. This increases the possibility of finding new tenants and areas of use for vacant spaces, or further transactions in the location.

High efficiency and short decision-making paths

Nyfosa has a decentralized and relatively small organization. This allows for a highly efficient work method and short decision-making paths where all employees have an awareness and understanding of the company’s objectives and strategies.

The company’s operational structure takes the form of Group Management, Group-wide functions and property management. To create flexibility that can be adapted to the Company’s development, Nyfosa has a flat organizational structure, in which the most vital functions for the Company are provided in-house. Other more standardized functions are insourced from external suppliers. The illustration below provides an overview of Nyfosa’s organizational structure.

Nyfosa Org ENG