Nyfosa AB: Nyfosa successfully issues a new green bond and announces the results of the tender offer

Nyfosa AB (publ) ("Nyfosa" or the "Company") has successfully issued a new senior unsecured green bond with a volume of SEK 1,000,000,000 within a framework amount of SEK 2,000,000,000 (the "New Bonds"). The New Bonds have a three year tenor and a floating rate interest of 3M STIBOR +3% per annum. Nyfosa intends to list the New Bonds at Nasdaq Stockholm, Sustainable Bond List. The proceeds from the bond issue will be used in accordance with the Company's newly established Green Finance Framework and to repurchase the Company's outstanding 2019/2022 Bonds with ISIN SE0012569655 ("the 2019/2022 Bonds").

In a press release dated April 19, 2021, Nyfosa announced a tender offer for the 2019/2022 Bonds in which the Company offered holders to repurchase a nominal amount of up to around SEK 500,000,000 at a price of 101.85% of the nominal amount plus accrued but unpaid interest (the "Tender Offer"). The Tender Offer was updated on April 23 in accordance with the terms of the Tender Offer and the transaction cap was raised to approximately SEK 600,000,000 instead of approximately SEK 500,000,000. The Tender Offer expired 2 p.m. CEST April 23, 2021 and holders of a nominal amount of SEK 627,750,000 have accepted the Tender Offer, which Nyfosa intends to repurchase. Settlement of the Tender Offer is expected to occur around April 30, 2021.