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The Board of Hemfosa Fastigheter has decided to propose that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Hemfosa on September 13, 2018 resolve to distribute all of the shares in the wholly owned subsidiary Nyfosa, which comprises the company’s portfolio of commercial property. The purpose of having two independent and specialized companies is to create better conditions for leveraging the potential of the entire business and thus increase shareholder value.

Shares in Nyfosa will be distributed to Hemfosa’s ordinary shareholders in proportion (1:1) to each individual ordinary shareholder’s holding in Hemfosa on the record date of the distribution. Aside from being registered as an ordinary shareholder in Hemfosa on the record date of the distribution, shareholders are not required to take any further actions in order to receive shares in Nyfosa. No offering or issue of new shares will therefore be conducted in connection with the distribution of Nyfosa to Hemfosa’s ordinary shareholders. The first day of trading in Nyfosa was November 23, 2018.

The shares are traded in the Large Cap segment under the ticker symbol NYF and ISIN code (SE0011426428).

Read the prospectus here.