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Information of splitting the business

Read more about the splitting at Hemfosa.

Read Hemfosa’s press release about the publication of the prospectus here.

Read the prospectus here.

The Swedish Tax Agency’s general guidelines about tax consequences for ordinary shareholders
According to written confirmation from the Swedish Tax Agency (Sw. Skatteverket), shares received in connection with the distribution of Nyfosa are exempted from taxation in Sweden under the Lex ASEA rules. The tax basis for the shares in Hemfosa that carry distribution rights will be allocated among the existing Hemfosa shares and shares received in Nyfosa. The allocation of the tax basis will be based on the change in value of the shares in Hemfosa arising from the distribution of the shares in Nyfosa. Hemfosa will request general guidelines from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding the allocation of the tax basis. Read more information regarding the Swedish Tax Agency’s general guidelines here.