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Social responsibility

Nyfosa’s corporate culture is characterised by entrepreneurship, humanity and involvement. Good business ethics and trusting relationships are important starting points both internally and in contacts with external parties. The sustainability policy and whistleblower function are examples of tools used by Nyfosa to promote good business ethics and counter all forms of corrupt behaviour. Health and safety are crucial areas for employees, tenants and suppliers.

Nyfosa acquires a large amount of materials and services from various suppliers, of which electricity (hydroelectric power), district heating, water, property upkeep, cleaning, painting and repairs of installations account for a large share. In accordance with the industry’s code of conduct for suppliers, Nyfosa actively imposes environmental and sustainability requirements on suppliers in connection with procurement. Nyfosa’s purchasing and procurement process precedence to suppliers who are affiliated with the industry’s code of conduct. To further ensure control over the supply chain, Nyfosa sees an advantage in limiting the number of suppliers and primarily choosing local suppliers.