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Environmental responsibility

Nyfosa impacts the environment through its operations, for example, via energy consumption, waste generated by the company and the use of materials. Nyfosa continuously strives to further develop its environmental work in these areas.

Active work to reduce emissions is also conducted internally in the organisation in respect of the choice of, for example, travel, energy consumption and purchasing. During spring 2018, for example, Nyfosa equipped the property used by the Company as its head office with a solar cell facility that involved the installation of 318 solar panels that will generate an estimated 75,000 kWh per year.

In connection with both new builds and property management, Nyfosa’s point of departure is that properties impact the environment throughout their entire lifecycle, which is why Nyfosa only uses renewable energy in the electricity agreements the company signs. This means that all of the electricity supplied to the property portfolio derives from hydroelectric sources.

In project development, such as refurbishment and redevelopment, regular environmental analyses are performed to evaluate energy-saving measures. In the new-build projects in which Nyfosa is involved, the environmental aspect is generally a key feature of planning, which is partly due to increasing demands from tenants for environmentally compatible premises. While managing and developing its properties, Nyfosa also endeavours to primarily select local suppliers for the provision of, for example, labour, raw materials and products.

In its ongoing property management, Nyfosa takes actions designed to reduce the electricity consumption in the existing property portfolio, such as reviewing operating times for ventilation and installing more energy-efficient heating systems when older systems are replaced. To monitor, reduce and enhance the efficiency of its energy consumption, Nyfosa uses an energy monitoring system in all properties for which it has an agreement with the energy suppliers. On the basis of the information obtained from the system, Nyfosa can identify the sources of deviating usage and measure the trend in energy consumption both in total terms and per square metre.

In its transaction operations, Nyfosa has developed an acquisition and sales process in which the environmental aspect is an important component. In connection with the acquisition of properties, the Company also performs environmental analyses of all properties to identify potential environmental risks and to assess the measures that could be required to reduce the environmental impact. A few of Nyfosa’s properties are currently environmentally certified according to Green Building, an EU initiative for reduced energy consumption. One property in the portfolio is also environmentally certified according to the international environmental certification system BREEAM.