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Our overall aim is to generate a long-term high and stable return, with a focus on growth. We aim to be Sweden’s most profitable property company by adopting our own approach.

Nyfosa’s vision is to find and implement the most profitable transactions in a changing property market. Our focus is on identifying and developing value, and getting the best out of each investment in order to maximise shareholder value. We also aim to create added value by being the best in the property sector at complex transactions.

Growth and profitability targets*

  • Average annual growth in earnings and the property portfolio of at least 20 percent up to a total property value of SEK 25 billion (excluding shares in joint ventures).
  • At least 15 percent return on equity over time, before paid tax.

* Growth and profitability targets should only be viewed as goals and not as forecasts or assumptions about future growth and returns. Nyfosa’s business, earnings and financial position, and the macroeconomic situation in which Nyfosa operates, could differ significantly, and be both more negative and more positive than assumed when the targets were prepared. Nyfosa may for other reasons fail to achieve these targets.

Financial risk limits**

  • Long term, the equity/assets ratio should be at least 25 percent.
  • The loan-to-value ratio should not exceed 65 percent.
  • The interest coverage ratio should not fall below a multiple of two.

**Do not represent financial objectives but rather risk limitations, making it natural for the company to have a certain margin for these.