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Strategic Green Framework

Nyfosa utilizes a long-term strategy that benefits our shareholders and sustainable development. Our work with sustainability is connected to Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals have been broken down and turned into clear targets and tools that will drive our work regarding sustainability forward. This will also provide a clear way of measuring our successes and the opportunity to be followed-up on and evaluated annually.

Easy to do the right thing
Nyfosa’s ambition when it comes to sustainability is to make it easy to do the right thing. The goals should be clear and have a direct link to daily operations and should be easily deduced from the SDGs and evidence-based climate research. To clearly show the way forward, Nyfosa has identified a number of concrete goals presented below.

Environmental Certification

  • 50% of our properties (LFL) will be environmentally certified by 2025.*
  • 100% of our properties (LFL) will be environmentally certified by 2030.*

Green leases

  • 100% of newly signed rental agreements, excluding parking spaces and garages, will contain a green lease in 2020.

Consumption Optimization

  • 100% of our properties (LFL) must have been evaluated for energy consumption by 2020.

Training and education

  • 100% of the organization will be trained and educated about working environment, property owner responsibility and contract responsibility in 2020.

Supplier Responsibility

  • From 2021, 100% of Nyfosa's suppliers must have adhered to the industry's code of conduct.

Evidence-based climate targets

  • By 2021, Nyfosa should have adopted concrete and scientifically established goals for reducing emissions in the company's business plan.

Material consumption and choice of material

  • During 2020, routines and systems for monitoring used materials and material choices for tenant-specific adaptations, and for rebuilding and new construction will be developed and implemented.

The operational green framework describes what can be done at Nyfosa's operational level to achieve the goals.