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Nyfosa is Sweden’s largest opportunistic property company. Here are three things that make the company unique on the Swedish market.

1. A transaction-based and opportunistic business model
The company’s main focus on value generation through transaction-based and opportunistic business operations makes Nyfosa stand out and sets Nyfosa apart from many other listed property companies. Nyfosa’s business concept is based on active participation in the transaction market combined with an investment strategy that means Nyfosa is to be flexible to the property market. By being perceived as an especially active property company in the transaction market, in terms of both acquisitions and divestments, Nyfosa will become a natural and attractive business partner for other property owners, transaction advisors and banks, thereby generating further business opportunities.

2. Broad strategy
Nyfosa can capitalise on business opportunities when they arise, and evaluate and implement numerous different transactions, by being open to doing business irrespective of the property category, region or magnitude of the transaction. The flexibility provides the Company with the conditions to be opportunistic and gives the Company an opportunity to acquire properties that are often outside the main focus or investment strategy of other companies, and are therefore subject to less competition. One of Nyfosa’s main strengths is the ability to identify business opportunities or the development potential of a property that other players perceive as too complex or uncertain but where Nyfosa sees an opportunity to take full advantage of the know-how and experience of its employees.

3. Experienced management team with great drive
Nyfosa has a management team with immense experience of transactions that vary in nature and complexity and is highly skilled in identifying values, assessing potential and weighing risks. Furthermore, Nyfosa has a market-centric organization with short decision-making paths and well-established processes. Most of Nyfosa’s employees come from Hemfosa and possess long experience of value-creating property management and development and a tried-and-tested way of working based on the transaction-intensive activities pursued. The organisation’s experience and efficient way of working enable it to act quickly to take advantage of attractive business opportunities when they arise.